Every time I decide to engage myself in society and attend any type of group meeting, I inevitably face the statement: “Introduce yourself, say what grade you’re in and state one interesting fact that most people don’t know about you.”  Rarely phrased as a question, this icebreaker continues to stump me, regardless of how many new social gatherings in which I participate.  I can usually keep my name and grade straight, but “interesting” facts that “most people” don’t know about me aren’t as easy to come up with on the spot. I am also incredibly irritated that once I think of something to share, I can’t really justify sharing it again at the next event because now, an entire room full of chess players already knows my fact.  Below are my current answers to the classic name game questions; however, these are subject to change as my “interesting” fact becomes better known.

Introduction: My name is Kyra Haas. I am the Editor-in-Chief of my school paper, the Free Press. I participate in forensics and Doctor Who Club. I played basketball once. I’ve heard scuba diving is fun, but I wouldn’t know.

Grade: I am a 12th grader.

Interesting fact that most people don’t know about me: One day I hope to fill a disposable glove with Nutella, go into a public place and throw it at someone.


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