Blog of the Year

One year ago, give or take a week, I opened up my stagnant WordPress account and created a new blog: Just Freaking Haasome. After selecting a theme, choosing an avatar and creating an “About Me” page, I opened up a new post and began what was only supposed to be a bimonthly school newspaper class project.

But then, I loved it.

Before that day in August, I wasn’t really a “finisher.” An idea generator, sure. But usually, I would get halfway through a project and fizzle out. My life was a series of short obsessions, quickly replaced by new ones as the previous grew dull.

But this blog is different. Here I capture, collect and organize my short-term obsessions, categorize them under the appropriate tag, sort them in a monthly archive. This blog is my weekly public diary. My stress-reliever and constant companion. I would say “friend,” but I don’t want people thinking that I’m friends with my blog. That would be weird.

Thank you to everyone who has read and shared in this experience so far, and to everyone who may stumble upon my little WordPress in the future.

Before starting another school year and another wave of blog posts, I thought it would be a good idea briefly to recap the past 52 weeks. Here are my top 10 most popular posts of the year, by view count:

10. I’ve never been grounded, and other advantages of a socially awkward childhoodI could count on one hand how many friends I had at any one time before high school. That has its advantages.

9. Cry Because It happenedAdvice for accepting change and saying goodbye to close friends.

8. I’m a Big Kid Now: Sometimes I look back at my life and smile at how silly and naive I was. Then I realize that I’m looking back at literally yesterday.

7. #Tatted: I got a tattoo in Grand Cayman during Spring Break 2013. I still don’t regret it.

6. This Probably Should’ve Just Gone in My Diary: I’m insecure. Don’t know what for.

5.  Did He See Me? I Think He Saw Me.: Sneaky pictures of Bostonian boys being beautiful.

4. My Brother: The Charmed Genius MetrosexualMy brother, Ian, is an athletic, brilliant, lucky, red-haired, freckle-faced 12-year-old.

3. My Life as an (Almost) AthleteI tried to be athletic for a long time. I am finally coming to terms with my innate clumsiness.

2. 7 Reasons Social Media Sucks SometimesSocial media is great. Except when it’s not.

1. Oculus: Blind Movie ReviewThe only reason this is ranked No. 1 is because I tagged “Oculus” effectively. But, it’s been viewed the most times, so here it is. Basically, horror movies don’t sit well with me.



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