The Teen Age of Regret

In 30 years, supposedly I will look back at this stage in my life and regret the decisions I made, but when I try think of myself as a 46 year old woman warning her children to avoid her foolish teenage mistakes, I’m not really able to formulate a picture in my head. Usually, I end up seeing myself as the mom from Wonder Years or Leave It to Beaver, which is totally ridiculous because I would rather die than settle down and become a housewife.  It’s hard to see yourself feeling remorseful about current decisions.


Upon reflection, I suppose that I see a few areas in my life that I may regret later:

1. My tattoo. I got a tattoo during spring break 2013 in Grand Cayman from a Scottish woman named Chaz. Positioned on my lower right stomach, a silver dollar sized design of an interlocking mustache, monocle and bow tie is permanently inked in black. It’s my original design, and so far, I think it’s pretty awesome, but who knows what it will look like after I have children.

2. My study habits. I’m not sure whether I will regret studying too much or not enough.  I think I study too much, but I guess I will or won’t regret studying based on how well I end up doing in life. If I end up working at QuikTrip, then I suppose I should have studied more.

3. My lack of typical high school experiences. I’ve never been to a concert. I’ve never smoked weed. I’ve never gotten wasted or gone to any “real” parties.  I haven’t had a boyfriend since eighth grade. Basically, my life consists of school, homework, work, sleep and food. I don’t have time for tomfoolery, and I may wish I had lived a little more at 16 in the future.

4. My diet. For the last month, I have been gluten free for no particular reason other than I had some of the gluten intolerance symptoms and wanted to eradicate them by altering my diet. I sort of regret my decision already because I’m one of those annoying “I can’t eat bread because I’m just trying to be difficult and irritating” people now. If the health benefits end up being short term, then I’ll regret forfeiting my cake, doughnut, sandwich and cookie opportunities when my metabolism was decent enough to process the refined sugary goodness.


Besides these four questionable decisions, I don’t see myself feeling any remorse about my teenage resolutions. I like to pretend that I have a level head and am capable of avoiding stupid choices. The human brain isn’t fully developed until about age 25; however, so I may not be  seeing my current actions as clearly as I will in the future. Also, I am a bit biased about my current life decisions because they are current, and usually people don’t make conscious decisions to make bad decisions.


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