Some Advice

I don’t do very much correctly on the first attempt. Here is some advice that I hope will help you make your own mistakes instead of repeating mine:

1. Don’t get a tattoo in a foreign country during spring break when you’re not thinking clearly

2. Don’t buy a cat. They don’t die

3. Don’t spend your birthday money on a unicycle

4. Don’t wear pants when it’s 105 degrees outside

5. Don’t wear sweaters when it’s 105 degrees outside

6. Don’t wait to learn how to drive until a few months before your 17th birthday

7.  Don’t tell anyone you’ve only been driving for two months

8. Don’t spend your childhood by yourself in your room reading The Bailey School Kids

9. Be open and honest about what you think, unless voicing your thoughts will get you shunned by the people you care about

10. Don’t take math over the summer to get “ahead”

11. Don’t let relationships with people fall by the wayside when you don’t see them everyday anymore

12. Don’t trust what the  idiots at PetWorld  say about rodents’ genders

13. Some people say they’re just making a “suggestion,” but apparently, they’re actually sugarcoating a “demand.”

14. Don’t go gluten free

15. Eat lots and lots of bread

16. Don’t eat rice cakes ever

17. Don’t be awkward

18. Do something unexpected every once in a while

19. Don’t be that guy

20. Avoid group projects at all costs

21. Don’t make your blog posts too long

22. Don’t raise your eyebrows too much

23. Google the definitions of words before you use them incorrectly in front of a large group of people

24. Bring your own toilet seats and toilet paper to Peru

25. Actually do get a tattoo in a foreign country because they’re freaking awesome

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